Meet Joe Ryan

Joe Ryan is a Certified Peer Support Specialist who knows trauma because he’s lived it and learned to live beyond it.  Joe has been on a lifelong journey to overcome trauma, shame, and the demons that plagued him early in life. Joe is turning his mission outward, helping others conquer their traumatic experiences through his podcast “It’s Not You, It’s Your Trauma” and one-on-one coaching.


Joe is paving the way for people to heal.  He is baring his soul for all to see and, through this bold action, extends his hand to people who might feel stuck or frozen in place, unable to move forward in their healing journeys. There are many trauma and recovery coaches in the world doing great work.  Joe stands apart from the rest by virtue of his warm, compassionate voice and rich experience that comes together to create and hold safe spaces that encourage feeling, expressing, processing, understanding, and ultimately healing and thriving.

Father of two…
I take pictures, write, and obsess.
You can find Joe bouncing around New York City, Playing softball in Central Park, or by a lakeside fire. I was on a Pearl Jam kick, and I am now starting my day with The Revivalists.

The Early Years

Joe took his first drink at age ten, followed shortly after that by prescription drugs. The moment alcohol touched his lips and brain, JoeI finally felt like he was home. By age seventeen, Joe overdosed and was hospitalized. You would think this would have set off red flags, but he was off to the races instead.


In his early twenties, Joe hit the stage and started doing standup comedy. Life on the road as a comic allowed Joe to earn a living while staying high.  Joe’s alcoholism and drug use were out of control. Like all addictions at some point, they will fail you and no longer take you out of pain. In a hotel room in Hollywood Florida, Joe had a moment of clarity, goodbye standup hello A.A.


Clean and sober for seventeen years. Married, two children, successful business. The picture of success that was painted for him as a child, Joe achieved. He perfected his role in the family system and mastered his false self. Life was easy, Joe was the happiest he had ever been.

Perfect Storm

In the span of 18 months, Joe lost the business, life savings, wife, and kids half the time, was in bankruptcy, and moved out with a pillow, laptop, and suitcase. He experienced loss on a level he had never known. Everything he worked so hard for was gone. He was starting over with nothing.

The Accident

She was everything Joe dreamed of and she felt the same about him. A storybook romance and a second chance to live the life he lost.

While out for a jog, she was hit by a car, suffered a traumatic brain injury, and shattered her bones. Joe could not find her for hours, and she was almost gone when he did. When she regained consciousness, she did not know who Joe was. She had no memory of them being together or that just days ago they planned their future together.

Emotional Paralysis

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