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Joe Ryan

Inner Work Coach

Empowering Individuals To Break Free From Childhood Programming, Emotional Paralysis, and Family System Roles. This is not traditional talk therapy. Inner Work Coaching is a raw, real, personalized experience.

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Coaching with Joe Ryan

Joe’s approach is based on a unique modality. It is not traditional talk therapy. It is a raw, real, personalized experience. After talking to Joe, you will not be the same as he guides you through your childhood programming and conditioning. He goes deep into what you hide from yourself and the world, releasing it and translating it into healthier relationships with yourself and others. Imagine a life where you no longer fear feeling your feelings without shame or humiliation.

It’s Not You; It’s Your Trauma

It’s Not You; It’s Your Trauma” is a podcast hosted by Joe Ryan that explores the profound impact of trauma on individuals’ lives. In each episode, Joe explores the complexities of trauma, discussing how it shapes behaviors, emotions, and relationships. The podcast offers listeners valuable insights and practical advice on identifying and addressing their own trauma, fostering personal growth and healing.


The consultation is a free 30-minute session. The purpose of the consultation is to see if Joe is a good fit for you and to get you feeling better on your road to recovery.  As we reframe your past, you will build a new foundation of confidence and self-esteem to stand on and grow into. He will put words to your emotions, working behind the scenes, and the feelings and reactions you do not understand within yourself. Working with joe will bring you clarity, peace, and a better understanding of who you are so you can move more confidently through this life with reduced anxiety and fear. The consultation is conducted over Zoom.


be real … be authentic … be you!

Looking back over the past couple of years, I think the topics that I discussed on my podcast today with Joe Ryan, host of “It’s Not You, It’s Your Trauma” resonate with me more than any other show I have ever hosted and is the reason I launched “The Antony Gordon Show” — i.e. — be real … be authentic … be you!

Heartfelt, deeply intimate, and needed

You have such depth, more than most of the medical professionals I have encountered along my recovery path. Your message is heartfelt, deeply intimate, and needed.

So Helpful

Joe has a way of explaining trauma and recovery in a way that makes so much sense. After years of trying to put the pieces together, listening to him is helping it all fall into place. Grateful to have an honest and wise voice that lets me know I’m not alone and that gives me hope.

Thank God for this Podcast and for you.

As I write this review I want to cry. It’s almost like you can see inside my soul. I can connect to everything you say and have felt. Honestly I have been in therapy for many years And this podcast is doing more for me than all those sessions. The way you explain things is so understandable and relatable. I don’t know how to thank you.

Absolutely Life Saving!

This podcast keeps me going. The information, the raw honesty, it’s just so deep. I have never felt like anyone understands me and here is someone who says what’s in my mind and I have never said. Thanks you! Thank you so much for doing this podcast!

Your podcast is so important

I just want to thank you for being real and out there. I appreciate your vulnerability and rawness. There are days I just can’t function, so I listen to a podcast to centre myself. Hearing you describe feelings I never understood helps me make sense of my own experiences.

Gives What Therapy Can’t Give

I’ve been in therapy and support groups for two years. None of the therapists or group members could articulate the struggle to recover. This podcast is able to find the words for what it feels like every day to recover from enmeshed family systems and the fallout it created in my adult life. It gave me self compassion to have patience for all my ups and downs along the way. I’m grateful.

Incredibly Helpful and Insightful

I stumbled on your podcast while looking for trauma help. Boy am I glad I did- I have never listened to anyone that has such an honest message packed with so much insightful information! Every episode speaks to me so deeply I feel I am in a therapy session. You make more sense than anything I have listened to. Thank you Joe! I will be listening to all your episodes!

Blown away

Just started listening this morning and I can relate to the things you shared. My childhood was a complete hole in hell. I feel so validated listening to all the things you shared. Thank you for doing the work and sharing your experience.

Thank you

It’s so refreshing to listen to someone who has walked through this and is still walking through this, instead of an academic who is looking at it from afar. I feel really really understood in a way that I haven’t in so long.

Joe leads us out pain and chaos

Joe’s presence is a gift, his vulnerability and willingness to share it with the world is what I needed to begin the deep healing work that I know I’ve needed. With so few people talking about Trauma in any real and tangible way, Joe’s voice and presence gives a light to those of us who know something is amiss but with no guide or framework to lead us out of the pain and chaos, that can often become normalized comfortable discomfort.

Raw Truth

If you’re looking for a place to experience raw truth, Joe’s podcast is the perfect place to be. As I navigate through my own negative thoughts and feelings from years of abuse, it is refreshing to hear that I am not alone in dealing with these feelings, thoughts, and reactions. Even more, I love Joe’s encouragement to continue recognizing emotions and making room for joy in our lives by dismissing the emotional garbage we are slammed with regularly.

I Feel Less Alone

Joe Ryan’s podcast makes me feel less alone as I grapple with recovery from abuse and childhood trauma. Because he is willing to share himself and his process so openly, and with insight and compassion, I feel seen and validated in my own process and am able to offer myself some of the compassion I witness Joe embodying for himself, and I feel the compassion he is offering to others walking a similar path.

In a journey that already feels so lonely, I am deeply grateful that Joe is offering his story and process to others in this way. Thank you for your bravery, your willingness, and the love and intention you put into this healing work.

Analytical, deep and honest

I listened to your podcast on iTunes, Fantastic! As were your videos on Instagram. You’re very analytical, deep, honest and your voice is compassionate and calming.

Such an inspiration

You are such an inspiration! Courageous and Brave! What you are doing is going to help so many people! You have inspired me too!! You have a good soul, how lucky those are that will cross your path and continue on this journey with you!!

Do Yourself A Favor

Joe Ryan is amazing. This podcast struck a chord in me and I couldn’t stop listening to it. Joe’s podcast is the best CPTSD podcast/resource I’ve found. Give it a listen – it’s real talk.


This is great stuff! All suffering from PTSD, trauma or narcissistic abuse. This podcast is as real as it gets! He has lived it and now helps others suffering. It’s worth taking a few minutes to check it out!

The light in the darkness

You have given a voice to parts of me that I didn’t even know existed. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being brave enough to say all the things everyone else is afraid to say!

110% Worth Listening

i have found it hard to find podcasts revolving around mental health i’ve enjoyed that didn’t seem too “fluffy”. i am 22 diagnosed with ptsd along with the others that follow it, and that’s how i came across this. i listened to one episode and was hooked. i’ve gone through therapy, medication, etc, and i never felt more related to something until now. it was soothing hearing the conversations and stories, being able to have someone say exactly how i feel and what i’m going through is such a relief and has helped me be able to articulate how i express and explain things more. there are some things you know, but it’s just easier to act upon/believe/understand when you hear it from an outside source. i’ve already recommended it to my partner and my best friend. PLEASE give this a try. we all have some sort of trauma and even in listening it could help you understand how other people may work/think bc of their trauma. i am so thankful he made this podcast. this has truly soothed me in my in between time of no therapy and medication and if you have any experience with it that says a lot. i rarely leave reviews. ever. and never have on podcasts but, this is worth any and everyone listening to. i could literally go on and on but rather than reading this, click an episode and give this a try! 100/10 i cannot explain how thankful i am for him sharing himself. it means so much

A Gift

I stumbled across this podcast during a particularly difficult time of managing my emotions from a recent difficulty. Years of harming others with my words and actions due to my childhood trauma and resulting PTSD, have harmed many of my relationships an impeded upon my growth and maturity. Years of therapy have not helped me as much as this podcast. I encourage you to give this podcast a listen and promise it will enhance your life. Joe is authentic. He is compassionate and caring. I am so encouraged that I found him and will carry him in my pocket from now on. An invaluable resource.

Refreshing To Relate

When I started listening to the show, I was just shocked and taken aback so often by the fact that what Joe is describing with his process, and experiences is almost parallel to my process and experiences. I love the extra insight, and inspiration. It feels really good to know I am not alone, and also to be reminded that working on myself and doing what I’m doing does matter, and does work. Healing is possible. Thank you for your insights and openness.

Inspiring and motivating

You have an amazing heart, such a knowledge of life, and a poetic way of putting it out into the world. You are inspiring and motivating to so many others who are where you once were

Honest and Vulnerable Podcast

I’m new to this podcast but so far it has been really great. I appreciate Joe’s honesty and vulnerability. I’m grateful for how he explains to ‘do the work.’ I’ve been stuck feeling like I’m supposed to actively do this or do that. He has confirmed for me that these layers will come up to the surface and the actual work is making space and letting them wash over me. Acknowledge them, grieve, take responsibility, or whatever it is I need to do for myself. Awesome podcast so far.


This dude is out here saving lives. He expresses his pov so articulately and pointedly, no filter and no apologies, but all the while with a purpose. I didn’t know how much I needed to hear this podcast until I actually did. The work you do and the vulnerability that moves it is absolutely necessary and deeply valued. Thank you.

110% authentic

Love how every episode is 110% authentic. It doesn’t sound fake or scripted like a teacher preaching at you, it just feels like a real, raw talk from someone that truly gets it.

Powerful voice of recovery

Your messages are wonderful and necessary, so people can understand their invisible trauma and heal from it. Thanks for being a powerful voice of recovery and healing

Beautiful & Refreshing

If I were to ever get a life coach he would be the one. This dude is SO vulnerable and honest and raw- absolutely beautiful. He speaks the truth that I need to hear and don’t come across in life. Grateful to listen to his talks. Love the short & direct format too.

You are making a difference

I want to THANK YOU. Your podcasts have been exactly what I have been looking for. You are simple, concise, and direct in explaining and helping me understand how things in my childhood have affected me – and what the solutions are. Please know that you are making a difference and helping people change their lives!

Binging Them All

I’m for real blown away with how deep and vulnerable this podcast is. It resonates with my addiction and the chronic PTSD that is starting swallow me whole since I have gotten sober. It hurts. It’s so painful. His voice is so soothing and since binging them I do feel a little raw so maybe I’ll take a break but I know that I have to go through it to get on the other side. I have always been painfully self aware so I knew that I was going to have to relive my trauma but I did t know how to do it and this podcast has given me steps to take and I’m extremely grateful for that!

The hard work shows

I don’t know anyone that’s worked harder at recovery and growth than Joe and that comes shining through in his podcasts. Great insight and advice from a guy that’s walked through the fire himself.


Wow, just listened to my first episode and was blown away. I got more out of the 17 minutes of the episode than working with any therapist. As someone who has been in recovery from severe childhood trauma for the past thirty years, I am looking forward to listening to all the remaining podcast. Peace, love and healing to you Joe, for doing this podcast and to all who have suffered childhood trauma.

Most authentic, genuine speaker

Joe Ryan is the most authentic, genuine speaker you will ever encounter. I wish I had found him years ago! Thanks for the truth and all your help.

Thank you for helping me

Joe.. you have helped me understand myself in so many ways it is amazing. You help me understand I am the way I am because of my trauma. I listen to u all day at work. I have a lot of PTSD and obsessive thoughts the last year it has all “thawed out” and I haven’t found any peace or understanding until I found u on Podbean. I would like to thank u. It told me if I wanted to leave a review to come here. Thank you once again— Alicia


I find myself in tears (because I relate so much) every episode I listen to. Joe is so real, honest, true, and has an amazing way of putting everything I’ve been feeling, thinking, going through, growing through, been through, trying to get through into “just the right words”. I’m so grateful for finding this podcast. Thank you Joe

Rawness, vulnerability and truth

I feel compelled to tell you how much your podcasts have been helping me. After a lifetime of abuse at the hands of too many, your rawness, vulnerability, directness, and truth have made an impact.

Refreshing depth, insight, & sincerity

I really enjoyed the episodes I have listened to. Very engaging, I literally don’t think I even blinked the entire time I was hearing him. Joe’s openness and willingness to share his own narrative and pain is visceral. Deeply insightful and delivered in a clear unabashed voice that feels like real understanding. Thank you for your work here, I appreciate it!

Better than my therapist!

I think this is the most enlightening person I’ve heard speak on trauma and fear. It is so much different when you know a person has lived what you feel everyday. He doesn’t hesitate to tell you how to get in touch with the feelings and work through them. He has mire to offer than any therapist I’ve ever spoken to over the years.

Joe’s presence is deeply healing

Joe’s authenticity, willingness and ability to meet me in the deepest depths of my pain, and unwavering honest reflection, is a potent healing balm to wounds that, prior to beginning coaching with Joe, were heavily buried under shame, blame, guilt, and many, many other healers’ inability to hold and nurture them. The work that he is doing is life-saving in the deepest sense of what it means to live a full and free life. I am profoundly grateful for Joe’s voice and presence in this world.

These are gifts from heaven

Joe Ryan is the Anthony Bourdain of trauma and recovery! Joe gets right to the point and doesn’t sugar coat anything. I could have used this podcast years ago thank you Joe, for all you do for “Us’

Authentic, Engaging, and Thought Provoking

After spending years following many people talking about trauma on social media, I am uninterested in sound bytes and the same basic descriptions of boundaries, codependency, narcissists, etc. Joe cuts to the heart of what we grapple with as trauma survivors. In each episode of this podcast, Joe offers poignant wisdom from genuine experience. He knows about recovery from trauma and anxiety because he has lived it deeply and continues to do so. With heartfelt clarity, he encourages the listener to take personal responsibility while moving forward into a life of courageous authenticity.

Brutally honest truths

Your voice is calm and soothing, and you discuss the brutally honest truths that many of us feel. Thank you for your work

Thank You

I needed this so badly. I am so grateful for your courage to speak this. It’s clear that you’ve done a ton of hard work. I felt so confused and alone, and this podcast has become a lifeline.

Thank You

I’m only 16 so i haven’t lived thru a whole bunch but this podcast is the most helpful thing i’ve ever listened to. Heard one episode yesterday and i haven’t stopped listening since. Please never stop.

You Have A Gift

Episode 38, family system boundaries. You nailed it. I plan to listen several more times until it sinks in to my skull. I want to start living again-for me. Thank you so much. Every single one of these “shares” are a true gift.

Relatable and genuine

I thank you for your raw and honest podcasts, sharing your vulnerability. Your podcast is such a support to me and my journey, so relatable and genuine. Thank you for helping us struggling out there

Breakthroughs Began In Weeks

Joe Ryan is probably the most insightful human being I have ever encountered. I’ve worked with other therapists and coaches, but until I met Joe, I have never done work at such a profound level. With him as my guide, it didn’t take years to get me to transformation and self-understanding— the breakthroughs began in weeks. He deals with raw and real and takes you to places you didn’t even know you had inside you. I came across his podcast and coaching by chance, and they have been life changing. If you are thinking about working with him and are open to exploring an alternative pathway to peace of mind, you are at the right place.