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I’m not a fan of advertising. At this point, I know how much 15 minutes can save me on auto insurance. I don’t need to hear about ten times a day. How about you cut the number of commercials in half and save us thirty percent on our car insurance.

With that said, all of our content is free to consume and free of advertisements. There are a time and cost investment in producing the Podcast and all the content that goes with it. It is our goal to keep the Podcast free of advertisements, as I feel advertising will detract from the authenticity, the message, and my core beliefs. 

If you find value in the Podcast and would like to contribute to keeping the podcast advertisement free, we have set up a tip jar with two ways to support the Podcast. A one time tip via PayPal, or a monthly tip via our Podcast hosting company Anchor.

What is most important is that if you know of anyone struggling and would benefit from the Podcast, please share it with them.



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