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Recovery is about coming out of hiding, uncovering layers of defenses that are no longer needed to survive. It's these very defenses that hold you back from living a more free and authentic life. To uncover these defenses, we have to go back and re-experience the origin pain of our traumatic events that have altered our authentic selves. By peeling away these defenses and feeling the feelings we have set up our lives to avoid, we can process the trauma, grieve it and finally release it, so we never have to guard against them again.


Meet Joe

Joe Ryan has been on a lifelong journey of overcoming trauma, shame, and the demons that plague him from his childhood. He has turned his mission outward, helping other people to conquer their traumatic pasts. Through his podcast ‘It’s Not You; It’s Your Trauma’ and one on one coaching.

Joe is paving the way for people to heal. He is baring his soul publicly to extend a hand to people who might feel stuck or frozen in their healing journeys. There are coaches out there who strive to do the same, but what sets Joe apart is that his voice embodies such compassion and warmth; when you hear it, it permits you to feel whatever you need to feel to progress on your emotional journey.

The Journey

I’m looking forward to working with you as we uncover the past and the issues holding you back. There is a place under the anger and hurt where joy lives. That is where we are headed, through the pain, towards the joy. We do this by uncovering the layers of defenses that protected us from the pain and discomfort we felt. We don’t need to carry these defenses anymore; we are safe without them; we haven’t learned that yet. As we peel away each layer, we expose ourselves to the pain and fear we have avoided. We feel the feelings we fear, recognize our patterns, acknowledge, grieve, and move through them. We own our past, and once we do that it can no longer hurt us.

Getting Started

Coaching sessions are one hour long. Sessions are done over the phone or via Zoom. Some people are once a week, others once a month, or whenever they feel they need it, the frequency is entirely up to you. Coaching should not be a lifelong commitment. The goal is to become empowered with knowledge, tools, and practices. To build trust, confidence, and competency within yourself to live the life that you want, the way you want.

Schedule a free 15-30 minute consultation (Click Here To Schedule Your Consultation), if you have any questions, or would like to skip the consultation and schedule a full coaching session email me via the About Page.

(If you cancel a consultation with less than 48 hours notice I will not be able to reschedule)


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