It’s Not You; It’s Your Trauma


Real, genuine, vulnerable, and honest talk. There are no quick fixes from trauma, abuse, addiction, PSTD, or anxiety. Knowing what happened to you is only part of the process, we have to relive the feelings, emotions, and scenes we avoid. When we stop blaming, making excuses and take responsibility for our own emotions, that’s the start of moving from victim to surviving, from surviving to survivor and finally to thriving and teaching.

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Coaching With Joe

Joe’s approach is based on a unique modality. It is not traditional talk therapy. It is a raw, real, personalized experience. After talking to Joe, you will not be the same as he guides you through your childhood programming and conditioning. He goes deep into what you hide from yourself and the world, releasing it and translating it into healthier relationships between you and others. More Info.

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Producing the Podcast takes many hours of boring, tedious work, not to mention the emotional vein I open up for each episode and the shame and exposure I put myself through. If you find value in the podcast and want to show your support, you can donate via Venmo or Credit Card. Your Support is greatly appreciated! I wish you well on your journey to authenticity.

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