It’s Not About You


People around you will take your recovery personly; it's not about them. There are no quick fixes from trauma, abuse, addiction, PSTD, or any other form of recovery. Knowing what happened to you is only part of the process, we have to do the work, relive the feelings, emotions, and scenes we avoid. When we stop blaming, making excuses and take responsibility for our own emotions regardless of what our lives have been up to this point, that's the start of moving from victim to surviving, from surviving to survivor and finally to thriving and teaching. This Podcast is not about flash, pretending, or promises, just real, genuine, vulnerable, and honest talk.

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What Other's Are Saying


I listened to your podcast on iTunes, Fantastic! As were your videos on Instagram. You're very analytical, deep, honest and your voice is compassionate and calming.
Bravo 👏👏👏

Your messages are wonderful and necessary, so people can understand their invisible trauma and heal from it. Thanks for being a powerful voice of recovery and healing

I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU for inspiring me to post a short video on my Instagram 🙏 I remember seeing your early videos & felt so impressed with your honesty & bravery. Ever since I’ve been thinking of posting my own videos. And finally tonight I have 😊 I’m feeling afraid & brave all at once 😊 THANK YOU 🙏

Your messages are heartfelt, deeply intimate and needed.

You have such depth, more than most of the medical professionals I have encountered along my recovery path

You are such an inspiration! Courageous and Brave! What you are doing is going to help so many people! You have inspired me too!! You have a good soul, how lucky those are that will cross your path and continue on this journey with you!!

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