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Podcast Appearances

Thanks to all of you for having me on your show. If you would like me to be a guest on your show or speak at a conference, send me a message.

Podcast Appearances

The Wisdom Coalition: Episode 330 – Don’t let fear cut off your joy

Adult Child Podcast: Episode 89 – Complex Trauma, Dating & Setting Boundaries

On Call Empath: Episode 170 – Why Empaths & Narcissists Are Attracted To Each Other

Trauma Hidders Club: Episode 66 – What a Transformed Life Sounds Like

The Anxious Truth Episode 209 – Getting Unstuck In Anxiety Recovery

Shit We Don’t Talk About Episode 45 – Trauma, PTSD, and Anxiety

The Light Inside Episode 74 – Trauma Triggers: Understanding How Blind Spots Affect Emotional Reactivity

Adult Child Podcast Episode 14 – Childhood Trauma & Complex PTSD

Sense Of Soul Episode – It’s Not You, It’s Your Trauma

Anthony Gordon Show Episode – Letting Your Wounds Surface

Surviving Childhood Trauma Episode: Episode 21 – Survivors Speak

The Anxious Truth Episode 140 – We Do NOT Accept And Float Through Abuse

On Call Empath Episode 64 – How I Finally Broke Free From My Rusty Cage

Coping With Trauma Summit

Trauma To Soul 1 – Episode 1 -Love Addiction

Sick Biz Buzz Episode 124 – Overcoming Shame And Slaying Personal Demons

Positive Mindset Episode 25 – You’re Not Alone (Fight Against Anxiety)

The Anxious Truth Episode 86 – Stop Arguing With Your Anxiety

Healing Trauma Podcast: Episode – Recovery From Childhood Trauma

The Anxious Truth Episode 79 – Dealing With Emotions And Anxiety At The Same Time

The Anxious Truth Episode 76 – I Feel OK Sometimes, But I’m Not Sure What To Do Now!

The Anxious Truth Episode 75 – Issues of Self Esteem, Confidence, and Competence

The Anxious Truth Episode 74 – Why Trauma and Pain Do NOT Have to Ruin Your Day

Interview Request

Message Joe if you want him to be a guest on your show or speak at a conference. You can also download his One Sheet

Speaking Points

  • Original Pain, Shadow Work
  • Anxiety, Shame, False Self
  • Broken Family Systems
  • Relationships, Divorce, Career Setbacks,
  • PTSD, Addiction, Codependency
  • Authenticity, Self-Esteem, Confidence
  • Grief, Heartbreak, Emotional Paralysis


  • Joe is the most enlightening person I’ve heard speak on trauma and fear.
  • You have given a voice to parts of me that I didn’t even know existed.
  • Years of therapy have not helped me as much as this podcast.
  •  Joe’s openness and willingness to share his own narrative and pain is visceral.

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Joe’s approach is based on a unique modality. It is not traditional talk therapy. It is a raw, real, personalized experience. After talking to Joe, you will not be the same as he guides you through your childhood programming and conditioning. He goes deep into what you hide from yourself and the world, releasing it and translating it into healthier relationships with yourself and others. Imagine a life where you no longer fear living in your body, not being bathed in shame and humiliation. More Info