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I find myself in tears (because I relate so much) every episode I listen to. Joe is so real, honest, true, and has an amazing way of putting everything I’ve been feeling, thinking, going through, growing through, been through, trying to get through into “just the right words”. I’m so grateful for finding this podcast. Thank you Joe


This is great stuff! All suffering from PTSD, trauma or narcissistic abuse. This podcast is as real as it gets! He has lived it and now helps others suffering. It’s worth taking a few minutes to check it out!

be real … be authentic … be you!

Looking back over the past couple of years, I think the topics that I discussed on my podcast today with Joe Ryan, host of “It’s Not You, It’s Your Trauma” resonate with me more than any other show I have ever hosted and is the reason I launched “The Antony Gordon Show” — i.e. — be real … be authentic … be you!

Joe’s presence is deeply healing

Joe’s authenticity, willingness and ability to meet me in the deepest depths of my pain, and unwavering honest reflection, is a potent healing balm to wounds that, prior to beginning coaching with Joe, were heavily buried under shame, blame, guilt, and many, many other healers’ inability to hold and nurture them. The work that he is doing is life-saving in the deepest sense of what it means to live a full and free life. I am profoundly grateful for Joe’s voice and presence in this world.

Joe leads us out pain and chaos

Joe’s presence is a gift, his vulnerability and willingness to share it with the world is what I needed to begin the deep healing work that I know I’ve needed. With so few people talking about Trauma in any real and tangible way, Joe’s voice and presence gives a light to those of us who know something is amiss but with no guide or framework to lead us out of the pain and chaos, that can often become normalized comfortable discomfort.

Brutally honest truths

Your voice is calm and soothing, and you discuss the brutally honest truths that many of us feel. Thank you for your work

Do Yourself A Favor

Joe Ryan is amazing. This podcast struck a chord in me and I couldn’t stop listening to it. Joe’s podcast is the best CPTSD podcast/resource I’ve found. Give it a listen – it’s real talk.

You are making a difference

I want to THANK YOU. Your podcasts have been exactly what I have been looking for. You are simple, concise, and direct in explaining and helping me understand how things in my childhood have affected me – and what the solutions are. Please know that you are making a difference and helping people change their lives!

Relatable and genuine

I thank you for your raw and honest podcasts, sharing your vulnerability. Your podcast is such a support to me and my journey, so relatable and genuine. Thank you for helping us struggling out there

Inspiring and motivating

You have an amazing heart, such a knowledge of life, and a poetic way of putting it out into the world. You are inspiring and motivating to so many others who are where you once were

110% authentic

Love how every episode is 110% authentic. It doesn’t sound fake or scripted like a teacher preaching at you, it just feels like a real, raw talk from someone that truly gets it.

Powerful voice of recovery

Your messages are wonderful and necessary, so people can understand their invisible trauma and heal from it. Thanks for being a powerful voice of recovery and healing

Heartfelt, deeply intimate, and needed

You have such depth, more than most of the medical professionals I have encountered along my recovery path. Your message is heartfelt, deeply intimate, and needed.

Rawness, vulnerability and truth

I feel compelled to tell you how much your podcasts have been helping me. After a lifetime of abuse at the hands of too many, your rawness, vulnerability, directness, and truth have made an impact.

Analytical, deep and honest

I listened to your podcast on iTunes, Fantastic! As were your videos on Instagram. You’re very analytical, deep, honest and your voice is compassionate and calming.

Most authentic, genuine speaker

Joe Ryan is the most authentic, genuine speaker you will ever encounter. I wish I had found him years ago! Thanks for the truth and all your help.

Such an inspiration

You are such an inspiration! Courageous and Brave! What you are doing is going to help so many people! You have inspired me too!! You have a good soul, how lucky those are that will cross your path and continue on this journey with you!!

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