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110% Worth Listening

i have found it hard to find podcasts revolving around mental health i’ve enjoyed that didn’t seem too “fluffy”. i am 22 diagnosed with ptsd along with the others that follow it, and that’s how i came across this. i listened to one episode and was hooked. i’ve gone through therapy, medication, etc, and i never felt more related to something until now. it was soothing hearing the conversations and stories, being able to have someone say exactly how i feel and what i’m going through is such a relief and has helped me be able to articulate how i express and explain things more. there are some things you know, but it’s just easier to act upon/believe/understand when you hear it from an outside source. i’ve already recommended it to my partner and my best friend. PLEASE give this a try. we all have some sort of trauma and even in listening it could help you understand how other people may work/think bc of their trauma. i am so thankful he made this podcast. this has truly soothed me in my in between time of no therapy and medication and if you have any experience with it that says a lot. i rarely leave reviews. ever. and never have on podcasts but, this is worth any and everyone listening to. i could literally go on and on but rather than reading this, click an episode and give this a try! 100/10 i cannot explain how thankful i am for him sharing himself. it means so much