Be Your Tribe


The essence of who we are will always show itself at some point….. one would hope. As we armor up to preset the falsehood of how we want to be seen. There is a layer between the armor and the layer we try desperately to protect.

Driven by envy we wear the mask of those around us. The competition to rise above your neighbors slowly eats away from our humanity. The soulless void, the vacuum of despair as the exhaustion of the facade plants seeds of anger.

As we watch the world around us, the mirror of who we should be greatened the divide within ourselves. No longer able to live within ourselves, no longer able to embrace our own skin, the outward disdain towards others becomes our main focus. Individuality, self-confidence,  and identity are lost,

We divide into small pockets, we identify with groups, spread hate, and lose our individuality. Be your tribe, don’t join one. Be a leader, not a follower, embrace your inner weirdness. Don’t hide that layer you try so hard to protect, let that layer protect you.