EP 0008 – Abandonment, Reflection, and Self Mirroring

When we were abandoned as children, we learned that to matter to our source figures; we had to leave ourselves and become what they needed us to be.

Abandonment will cause you not to have a sense of self. Your life becomes an endless quest to please the people around you to be accepted.

We get stuck at a developmental stage of childhood. And we never really get past it unless we learn how to validate ourselves.

Everything in this life is a mirror, a reflection. What are we reflecting on ourselves? Abandonment causes our mirror to be tainted with shame, self-hate, self-doubt, and self-humiliation. Our mirror became too painful to look at, and we end up putting too much energy into seeing our reflection from someone else’s mirror.

The more you mirror your own thoughts, feelings, and emotions, the less the outside world matters. And the stronger you get within yourself.

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