EP 0050 – Emotional Connection

Having a strong emotional connection to self is vital in recovery. Most of us were conditioned to be emotionally available to others to feel valued and loved. We’re taught that for us to survive, we have to abandon ourselves to meet the needs of others. We never formed an emotional connection to ourselves in this process as we were always looking outside of ourselves to manage external connections. By doing this, we never learned how to have a relationship with ourselves. We don’t know how to go inside; we don’t know what we want, need, or desire. We cut off our needs to meet the needs of others.

The need for human emotional connection drives us like an addict, sacrificing our self-worth to get our fix, to connect with someone so that we can ease our pain. This unmet need gives away our internal empowerment and puts our happiness in the hands of others.

Building a relationship with self starts by identifying our needs, wants, and desires and then slowly giving them to ourselves. The stronger the connection with self is, the less we need to rely on or use others to meet our own needs.

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