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EP 0081 – The Mother Wound

Many of us are emotionally stuck at a point where we feel that our self-worth is completely dependent on our mother’s love and acceptance. This can lead to a deep wound when we don’t receive the love and validation we need in the way we need it. In order to move forward and heal, it’s important to reach a point in our recovery where our mother’s opinion of us no longer has a hold on our sense of self-worth. We must learn to validate ourselves from within, and find the strength to recognize our own worth regardless of outside approval or disapproval. It’s a difficult journey, but one that can lead to a life of greater self-love and acceptance.

Have you ever had a moment that felt like a key turning in a lock, opening doors to rooms within yourself you didn’t know existed? That’s what Joe Ryan’s latest podcast episode feels like—a raw, unfiltered journey into the heart of personal transformation.

Joe doesn’t hold back as he recounts his struggle with self-hate and shame, emotions that many of us grapple with but few have the courage to confront head-on. He speaks of the burdens we carry, the secrets we keep from ourselves, and the exhausting act of maintaining a façade for the world.

But then comes the light bulb moment—a realization so profound that it changes everything. For Joe, it was acknowledging his neediness, a trait he had shamed himself for, which stemmed from his childhood. This acknowledgment wasn’t just an act of understanding; it was an act of liberation.

Throughout the episode, Joe takes us through the ups and downs of his emotional journey. He talks about the heaviness that comes with emotional baggage and the lightness that follows when you start to let go. It’s a process, he says, not a destination. But the work is worth it because, on the other side of that pain and shame, is freedom.

Joe’s story is one of self-forgiveness and the power of self-awareness. It’s about breaking the chains of the past and finding the courage to face our inner demons. He shares his process, the painful yet necessary steps to peel back the layers of hurt, and the healing that follows.

This episode is a call to anyone who’s felt stuck, weighed down by their emotions, or lost in the maze of their mind. It’s for those who’ve ever felt the need to hide their true selves or who’ve wondered if there’s more to life than the roles they’ve been playing.

Joe’s narrative is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. It reminds us that no matter how deep the wounds, healing is possible. It’s a story of coming home to oneself, of building a life not on the expectations of others but on the foundation of self-acceptance and love.

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