EP 0084 – Getting Intouch With Anger (Subscription)

Children’s developmental needs must be fulfilled during childhood to grow into well-adjusted adults. When these needs aren’t met, we may feel unfulfilled and struggle to identify and ask for what we truly need. We must embrace and work through our positive and negative emotions.

As we develop and age, we follow specific emotional paths, but if we are denied certain emotions as children, we can become emotionally stuck at that age. For example, the “terrible twos” stage is a crucial time when a child begins to realize their independence from their parents. It’s a period of unconscious emotional growth, and if a child is not allowed to express their anger or assert their independence, they become emotionally stuck at that point. As a result, they develop coping mechanisms such as people-pleasing or withdrawing to avoid confronting the emotions they weren’t allowed to express.

This fear and shame surrounding unaccepted emotions can lead to a lifetime of self-abandonment and trying to meet the needs of others while neglecting our own. If these feelings and emotions weren’t allowed during childhood, we struggle with them and develop fear and shame around expressing them later in life.

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