I’m Being Watched

Prisoner of Life
In a world of Pain
Behind Bars Built For Shame

Walls Built To Protect
Hidden From Life

Cried One Too Many Times
In That Prison, I Lost My Mind

Shame On Me For The Tears I’ve Shed
Forced To Live In My Head

Want To Break Out
Want To Be Free

Isolation The Crib That Surrounds Me

I’m Crying Cant You See Me
Your Affection Can Set Me Free

Why Don’t You Love Me?
Why Can’t You Hear Me?
Why Don’t You Want Me?
Why Can’t You Accept Me?
Why Don’t You Answer Me?

In The Prison Of My Mind
Judging Myself All The Time

The Standards Of Your Mask Set To High
I Can’t Become Your Little Star In The Sky

I’ve Tried, I’ve Tried
Oh Where Do I Hide

I’m Afraid Of The World I See
Because You’re Afraid
You’re Being Judged By Me
I’m Living All Your Inadequacies.


From My Book 'Coming Full Circle'.