Don’t Choose Your Relationships Let The Universe Chose Them For You

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Don’t Choose Your Relationships Let The Universe Chose Them For You


Are you holding on to a negative attachment that no longer serves you out of fear? Are you only looking at what once was, not what it is now? Are you holding on hoping that one day he will be the man you want him to be? If he is not that man today chances are he never will be. Do you have the time to wait for someone to be the person you want them to be? It will never happen! That is who they are, they are not on this earth to change for you or anyone else. Your life is right now, do not settle.

Don’t you deserve better? If you are wasting time focusing on the one that is clearly not for you, how will you be able to see when the right person crosses your path? We can never move forward if we are holding on to negative attachments. We stay stuck and continue to repeat the same patterns. If you are happy with the way your relationships have been going so far, then you should continue with the same patterns. If not then you need to change your patterns. The key to your happiness is within you, not from someone else.

Nothing in this life is perfect, but there are things in this life that should be effortless. Love is effortless, it is the free flowing of positive energy without fear or compromise of who you are. To connected to another soul at the core….. to feel places in your heart that you never knew existed…. to see the world in a different light, to see life through the eyes of optimism and positivity, to see every obstacle as a solution, as a lesson to be learned…. and never as a problem.

It all starts and ends with you. Let go and let life unfold, there are greater things awaiting you out there, but they will not happen if you don’t let go of the attachments that no longer serve you.

Never chase love, never chase money and always accept what has been presented to you, both positive and negative as a gift. It’s a gift that has been given to you in the hopes you will learn from the lesson, apply it going forward, all in an attempt to bring yourself closer to self-love. With self-love the possibilities in this life are endless.