EP 0006 – Step Two, Exposure Time

We are hiding the parts of us that we cut off, the pieces of us that were not acceptable as children. To protect these parts of ourselves, we create a false self. This false self was our protection, protection from our authentic self being seen by us, and by others so we could survive as a child. As adults, we no longer need this protection to survive.

To tear down our false self, we have to become vulnerable, vulnerable within ourselves. We have to expose our true self, the part of us that’s been hidden by the false self. We must reexperience the pain and discomfort that we felt being our authentic selves as children by way of exposure.

The more we expose and experience the pain, the more we tame the emotions that we have feared. And the more we learn to love ourselves at the core, the need to wear the mask of the false self starts to diminish, and we grow closer to the authenticity within ourselves.

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