EP 0012 – Emotional Junk Draw

Throughout our lifetime, we acquire many many things. We store these things in drawers, closets, storage bins, or wherever. In our minds, we keep saying, one day, I’m going to go through that drawer, that box, or that closet. We never really do.

We’re living in a very fast-paced world, where if you don’t get something back to somebody via text message within an hour, they’re outraged. Today’s society leaves us with no self-space. I sure do miss the days of the phone bolted to the wall and answering machines. We need to take the time to go through our excessive baggage.

Our emotions are similar to the things that we acquire. As time goes on in this life, we experience more and more events, traumas, disappointments, achievements, failures, successes, and yet we never really take the time to process them properly. We throw them in an emotional junk drawer or closet or storage bin. And they sit there eating away at us, quietly screaming for us to pay attention to them.

By not paying attention or processing them, they start to dictate how we live. Whether or not we want to live that way. Having all those emotional events put away instead of dealt with is what keeps us down. It keeps us buried. It keeps us under there control.

You know that feeling you get when you finally clean out that closet, that storage bin or that drawer you’ve been putting off forever. That’s the feeling you get when you start to go back and process the emotional junk drawer of your life…. Lighter and freer.

As the years go on and the older you get, the more you ignore, tuck away and burry, the heavier you become emotionally. We procrastinate and avoid the things we need to take care of within ourselves. We get so used to living this way as this baggage has been acquired slowly over time, we don’t even realize that it’s there until one day when we have no more emotional space inside to put anything. We start to slow down because our emotional junk draw is full, and now we have to carry the excess emotional baggage with us everywhere on the surface.

When will you take the time for yourself? If not, now, when? Take the time, do the work. It’s a painful arc, but when you come down on the other side of the arch, life gets so much easier, so much better.

Clear away all the baggage you’ve been burying and hiding away. Take it out, throw it on the floor, look at it, and then put it in a place that it belongs, so you never have to let it hurt you again. You’re strong enough.

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