EP 0013 – Under Quarantine

It’s a little past midnight, and I’m sitting here alone, looking out the window to the vast emptiness that is out there.

This quarantine has not discomforted me in the way of anxiety and fear. I’m not sure why a complete calmness came over me. Perhaps its because there is only one thing I can do, keep distance, the rest his out of my control. Or maybe its that for the first time, all of humanity is on the same page, and I feel connected to the human race in a way I have never felt before.

We are all working together for the greater good. Ironically, we needed to separate from each other to unite. We are no longer fighting ourselves or each other to get ahead. We are finally all in this life together. We are all taking the time to take care of ourselves, and in the process, we are taking care of each other as a whole.

Has there ever been a time where the entire world was affected by the same thing, in the same way at the same time? There is one collective consciousness happening right now.

I know there’s a lot of tragedy out there. I’ve experienced a loss over the last two days. Worry and fear are not going to bring my friends back, and it’s not going to keep us safe.

We have got it all wrong. We put money, greed, power, status, and celebrity above everything else. The health of this planet and the all who inhabit it needs to come first. That is what will keep us safe. And right now that is what feels like is going on, that is the silver lining.

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