EP 0014 – Isolation and Trauma

We don’t feel safe out in the world because we don’t feel safe within ourselves. We isolate out of fear and shame. What the world is experiencing now is something that we’ve experienced our entire lives… Self Isolation

This quarantine feels very familiar, safe, and comfortable on so many levels for people with panic, anxiety, and trauma.

The enemy for us is the panic, fear, and unresolved trauma that lives within us.

There is a barrier between the conscious and the subconscious that we can’t seem to penetrate out of fear of re-experiencing the original emotions from the events of the past that now cause us so much pain.

We spend so much time keeping busy, keeping away from the feelings, hiding them, masking them, and pretending that they’re not there. We’ve put so much distance between the original abuse, pain, and trauma that we don’t know how to get back to it.

If we don’t feel safe within ourselves, how can we feel safe out in the world? By re-experiencing what we avoid the most… the original pain. We could not handle it emotionally when it happened, so we cut off and disassociated from the feelings, emotions, and events of the past; we have been avoiding those feelings ever since.

The only way to overcome fear is to stand up to fear. This will be the most challenging work you will ever do. The feelings are so frightening they feel like you are facing death, that if you allow yourself to feel what you fear, you will die. Because you could not handle it back then does not mean you will not be able to handle it now. We need to teach ourselves that we are stronger than our fears.

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