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EP 0017 – Numbing Out And Staying Stuck

We Stay stuck by numbing out. We have found ways to live our life where we avoid any resistance or bad feelings. We are stuck in limbo complaining about others. All that energy and time wasted could be better well spent owing up to who you are and how you feel about yourself. It’s time to own up to the things we don’t like about ourselves. Its extremely difficult to be vulnerable, to experience the traits and feelings you don’t like and or accept within yourself, to explore the darkness within you. You can’t genuinely allow another in until you let yourself in first.

Getting to know who you are, walking through those fears, embracing the parts of you that you hide, that you don’t like, that you despise, that wasn’t accepted, that’s where freedom is. These are the places you need to go. You can go there, and you can become comfortable with the parts of you that weren’t loved, the parts of you that you hate within yourself. You don’t have to hide from them anymore. You don’t have to protect them from the world.

By owing and incorporating the parts of you that you cut off, bringing the light and darkness together to live as one within you, peace will find you.

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