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EP 0020 – Fear and Roles

We don’t have the energy or desire to pretend anymore, but who are we, if we’re not acting and being in roles to cover up where we feel inadequate. We will find this out as we let go of who we need to be and start being who we were born to be.

How do we accomplish this? First, we must acknowledge and identify that we are playing a role, a role that was necessary for survival. That we no longer need to play this part, as it no longer serves us, that we can not only survive but will thrive as we shed it.

We will have to self validate as when we stop playing these roles; we will enter into the fear that we have been avoiding. The fear of disappointment, anger, embarrassment, and abandonment. You will feel the resistance of others around you as they depend on you to be that mirror of reflection that they need. It’s no longer about what they needed you to be, it’s now time for you to be who you know you are deep down below the role, below, the hurt, below the embarrassment, below the fear.

Its time to start serving yourself, your recovery is not about anyone else but you. You are now there for yourself first. Then and only then can you be there for someone else. The difference is that now it will be your choice who you choose to be there for and how.

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