EP 0033 – Separation

Emotional Separation Involves Unbonding and Grieving, Where the Process of Growth and Transformation Meet Loss. The Disengaging of Patterns and Roles That Have Held You Emotionally Captive to Beliefs That Were Never Your Own

We were never taught healthy separation or how to separate at all. You grow up in an enmeshed family system, and there is no leaving. There is no separating, it’s conformity. We all must conform to the system’s rules, or else you will be shamed and abused into line. You must become what the system deems acceptable. There is no individuality; you do not stand alone; you do not have your self-identity or self-worth. Your value, your worth, everything you are is based on how the system views you, not on how you view yourself. Separating from that system is going against everything you’ve ever known, everything you’ve ever been taught.

Separation from your role and the role within the system is leaving home emotionally. Finding value within yourself and feeling the freedom to live a life based on how you feel, not how others need you to be.

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