EP 0040 – Trauma Recall

Traumatic events are stored inside of us, occupying the space reserved for joy. These events are waiting to be acknowledged, accessed, felt, experienced, relived, grieved, and released.

By accessing our past trauma, we are releasing the shame, self-hate, and accountability we internalized. We get to rewrite the story we have been telling ourselves, by now knowing what happened to us was not our fault and is not our responsibility to carry the unwanted feelings anymore.

We see the events from an adult’s perspective and not as a helpless child who had no choice but to endure what happed as a way of survival.

We now start to learn how to live without the defenses of protection needed to avoid the feelings we fear and to hide what happened to us from ourselves and the world.

The place once occupied with trauma slowly fills with peace, self-love, and joy as we replace self-hate with compassion and protection for the abused child that could not protect themselves at the time of the events.

We become the parent we always needed to love, care for, nurture, and protect us.

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