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EP 0052 – Holidays

Holidays with family transports us back in emotional time to childhood and brings us back into the role we need to play. Use this time to see what your role is and how you pretend to be loved and accepted, to slowly dismantle the false self to become a more authentic you.

Use this time to pay attention to the feelings and emotions that arise within you. Pay attention to the roles you and everyone else are playing, what feelings you have to hide, how you are showing up inauthentic.

You are allowed to make choices based on your own best interest. You do not have to make choices based on what others expect out of you. It’s okay not to feel connected to people you’re supposed to feel connected to.

When we start to understand who we need to be to fit in, we can learn to belong to ourselves. When we belong to self, the judgment from others starts to matter much less. Be authentic, be you!

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