EP 0067 – Cut and Burn in Relationships

Why would you stay in a relationship if you feel you’re not getting your needs met and you’re not being valued, loved, appreciated, cared for, and considered in the ways you need?

In this episode, Joe discusses this question based on his recent relationship, culminating with the decision to end this one-year courtship which presented these issues constantly. During this time, Joe struggled with the question,” is it time to cut and burn” or continue to stay and “grow” from this situation?

Learn how Joe handled this decision and the struggles that exist when sacrificing feelings of constant disappointment when staying in a relationship longer than you should in exchange for the valuable life lessons learned.

In this Episode:

  • Trying to make an “unavailable person” available in a relationship.
  • Feeling needy…and not getting your needs met.
  • How childhood experiences affect our emotional development in relationships
  • Staying in a relationship vs. “cut and burn” early on
  • Giving something constantly in a relationship that you are not getting back
  • Staying longer in a relationship to learn more about yourself than cutting early on
  • Sitting in your pain – including your childhood and adult.
  • Feeling needy…and not getting your needs met.

Sitting in your pain and hurt and trying to understand that you are not enough for the other person is a harsh reality. Joe discusses the importance of knowing want you want and whether you can negotiate and navigate to reach that middle ground. Are you in a relationship with an emotionally unavailable partner? Do you require to be emotionally connected with that person all the time? Are you asking the other person for what you need…even if that means being vulnerable? These and other key questions are discussed, and the outcome we all know will happen…but at what price/value to your future well being!

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