EP 0066 – Finding Joy

Why is happiness so elusive for some? Why do we always feel like we are “on guard”? This episode covers the process Joe has had to practice to make himself feel comfortable and in search of any sense of joy. How do you get to this place when you have had so much trauma and have lived with your “guard up” most of your life? This episode uncovers some important steps you will need to take to move through the process.

Learning not to be afraid of feeling joy and how to accomplish this emotion is crucial. Getting over the fears and stop pretending to be someone else, always trying to do only what you are comfortable doing and projecting an image to others that don’t exist is a key component in your quest to find true joy in life!

In this Episode:

  • Scanning the room for safety and feeling comfortable
  • Deprogramming & preparing for loss that may never come
  • Being happy in a world where there seems to be no happiness
  • Tapping into the reservoir of Joy
  • Having a relationship with ourselves
  • Being alone isn’t a punishment…its finding out how you really are!
  • Struggling with the feeling of Joy

This episode uncovers the importance of learning how to feed your soul and face your fears to take yourself off the journey of life on auto-pilot. Take time to figure out why you avoid certain situations and how to trust yourself in certain situations when they come up. Don’t paint yourself in a box. Move outside the box and learn to deal with your body’s reactions. You have to start somewhere – a place that you may not want to go to first to end up in a place of joy.

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