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EP 0065 – Moving Through Fear

How do you navigate your way through fear? What can you expect to face when working through all of
this? What is the recovery process? This episode dives deep into the feelings of fear- fear of just about anything in your life. Joe talks about previous experiences of going through the process of dealing with his fear and how not to avoid doing the things that fuel it.

As you get older, your fears get greater…how will you treat them? How will you stop fearing the fear?What can you do to reach a point where you can look back and say, ”how ridiculous was I for fearing

In this Episode:

  • Conquering fear by moving thru fear… Fearing fear compounds the fear and makes it worse!
  • Creating Emotional Space
  • Preparing yourself each day until you eventually eliminate most fears
  • Find people you can lean on…and can lean on you- People You Can Grow With…
  • Breaking out of your bubble – stand on your own beliefs and live your best life

Joe’s insight and deep revelations are sure to inspire changes in your life…changes that start as a mental exercise that eventually becomes second nature once you break through to the other side of your fears. It’s all about building yourself up…realizing your worth…your own and value.

As you work through the fear of not living up to what your family thought, what society thinks is successful, it’s living your best life, the one that makes you happy, it’s stripping yourself down to that. This episode tears down the misnomers that torture people trying to live up to society’s expectations
and how you can fight that to find your safe zone without living in complete isolation.

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