EP 0074 – Original Pain Work Revisited

Original pain work is the most profound work you will ever do on yourself. It is also the most difficult!

In this episode, Joe talks about the abuse he experienced as a child and how he has dealt with it for many years by disassociating it with denial and by packing it away in this little dark place to be dealt at another time. Decades later (between the original pain and the fear that he continues to live), Joe shares in detail how he needed to work his way back to those places, the origins of his pain, and the abuse, hurt, and fear he has to connect the dots to determine how he got to the place he’s at today… and how he is now forced to confront and correct the issues to be able to move forward.


In this Episode:

  • Pinpointing where all these feelings and behaviors are coming from and how to get back in touch with them.
  • Realizing you can’t always stay one step ahead of your pain…they will catch up to you if you don’t learn to work on going back to their origins and reliving them to produce a better outcome.
  • Learn to “feel” your way through things to free yourself from your pain.
  • Elvis has left the building… checking out physically and emotionally.
  • Going “Toe to Toe” with your fears

Putting in the work to go inside yourself can be frightening, but it will be your path to freedom and peace. Become stronger than your fears! Let joy take over by moving fear out of the way. No longer live in denial and live your truth. Find someone who can help you get to that place…time is ticking away, and it’s time to lean into your fears…Joy is waiting to take over your life!

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