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EP 0076 Recovery Is Possible!

After a long hiatus, Joe is back with a new perspective, insight, and positivity that he is ready to share! Deciding to focus on genuinely caring for himself for a while, Joe is ready to share some of the more important things he learned in this recovery phase.


Stepping back from the pressures of constantly self-exposing his shame, embarrassment, and other innermost disappointments, Joe could genuinely focus and work through many things holding him back from obtaining happiness daily! These revelations, new insights, and small victories have brought him to a new place of peace and satisfaction, translating to a renewed ability to share all this with you with greater enthusiasm and focus!


In this Episode:

  • We connect the dots between phases, stages, and activities once the light bulb goes on!
  • Working through the hangover and getting used to the new normal
  • Reaching a point that you no longer have to prove your worth to the world
  • Eliminating shame…accept things for what they were
  • Learning to move out further in the direction you want
  • Building things back “Your Way.”
  • Getting back to a place where you can breathe with regularity!


This episode shows that you can overcome and work through almost anything to start living the life that you want. Even if you’re not sure what it is, it’s getting out the shit…the hurt…the victimhood, the learned helplessness and the self-hate. Build up your strength and confidence within yourself so you don’t fear rejection, humiliation, and failure. Get to know who you are and the way of living that is right for you!


Remember….Recovery is Possible!

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