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EP 0077 – How To Change My Partner

Are You Staying With Someone Based On Their Possible Potential Of Who They Might Be Someday? Is Your Relationship Stuck In An Endless Loop Of The Same Repeated Patterns? Do You Want Your Partner To Change To Meet Your Needs? Are You Looking For Happiness From Your Partner?

In this episode, Joe covers one of the biggest & most frequent questions he gets! How do I get my partner to change? How do we get my wife to change? How do I get my husband to change? How do I get my brother to listen? How do I get him to go to therapy? It’s simple…Here is the answer…. YOU DON’T

This episode outlines the steps a person needs to take to stop trying to change your partner but to change what you are doing (or not doing) in the relationship for you to remedy the situation and take control of what you can change!


In this Episode:

  • Repeating the Same Patterns in Your Relationship…the Wash, Rinse, Repeat Syndrome
  • What Motivates Your Partner to Have to Change? What will get them to your worth and value?
  • The Benefits of Therapy…the proper steps have benefits you may not have even thought of for your future safety and well being
  • Building a Life for Yourself, and Expand your Circle of Friends and Connections
  • Eliminating Fear of Change and Making Changes Before it’s too Late
  • Taking Responsibility for the Way You Are Treated in a Relationship

This episode will help you realize where you are currently, what you need to do, and how you need to do it without expecting any help or change from the person you hoped you could change! You have to start looking at yourself and stop looking at somebody else because, more than likely, the person you hope will change and stay the way you want them to will never happen! Heal yourself. Stop trying to change your partner!


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