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Fear and Love

By May 9, 2017April 8th, 2022No Comments

Fear and Love


Fear and anger are not only acceptable emotions to have in a relationship they are necessary.  If we ignore our feelings then we are not accepting a part of our true self. Once we cut off any part of us we are no longer free to see things as they truly are, we lose clarity, perspective and we live in a defensive state.

The walls we build do not discriminate the feelings that are blocked, they block all feelings both positive and negative. The defences we use to control our fear also control our love.  When we withhold love from another we are really withholding love from yourself.

We are emotional beings and when we are not able to express ourselves freely due to fear we become resentful, resentment will eventually turn to anger. It is this anger that keeps us from living a happier, fulfilled life. Understanding each other’s fears and resolving conflict is essential to a healthy relationship.

Once we can understand and validate each other’s feelings, only then will be on the path to a deeper and more soulful love.  The deeper we love the more fears we will uncover.  Ongoing communication, understand, a willingness to let down walls and to be vulnerable by both of you will carry the relationship forward. The commitment we must make for love.

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