When Desire Out Weighs Your Soul Respect

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When Desire Out Weighs Your Soul Respect


When desire outweighs your soul respect you are left with conflict.

The powerful force creates a struggle between your heart and mind.

Erasing your peace. Giving into your desire creates resentment, and resentment will always grow to blame.

We must know that we will not always get what we want, but will always get what we need.

Blinded by ego we will not see this while living with the struggle.

Given time all will be revealed.

It is how we sit with the time between the struggle and enlightenment that shows the strength of our faith.

All the answers are awaiting us.

Do we have the strength to allow our truth to be revealed or will we give into the pain at the price of our soul respect?

The path within will be illuminated when we leave the self and enter the soul.

The soul is where the truth of us lies. Find the strength within to listen for the answers and follow the path of your soul respect.