Live For Today, But How Many Of Really Do?


When it comes to matters of the heart, fear often wins out over love.
The fear of a broken heart is enough to keep us from what we desire.
To open ourselves up, to be vulnerable can be too much of a risk.

Once we start projecting about the situation in our mind and stop listening to our heart we let fear in. As the fear creeps in, the feeling in your heart gets quieter.

We all want it, we all need it, we are all looking for it, why is it so hard to find. Perhaps it is our vision of what we think love should be. Do we want love to be wrapped up in a box with a bow? What does your box look like? Love cannot fit into a box, It is boundless, undefinable, so much more than any words could begin to describe.

Yet, we try to define it. When we define anything, there is no mystery. Without mystery, there is no fear of the unknown. If your vision of Love is the house with the white picket fence and two car garage, what happens if the Love shows up without your vision attached to it?

Let Love be as it is…. Undefinable, allow it to flow in and out of you. Don’t stop the flow of love with your mind. Open your heart to the endless possibilities that this life has to offer. Don’t let your thoughts and fears stand in the way of that magical feeling we all desire.

We don’t define Love, Love defines us!