The Ripple Effect


Blame Keeps People In A Victim Role. Being A Victim Has A Sadness To It, Which Over Time, Turns To Anger And That Anger Becomes An Excuse Not To Take Responsibility For Your Own Life—always Having Someone Else To Blame. Absent Of Self-responsibility, Anger Will Take The Path Of Least Resistance And Will Align With Others Who Share The Same Victimhood; A Mob Mentality Will Form To Express The Collective Outrage.


A Sense Of Empowerment Forms To Replace The Feeling Of Helplessness That Fuels The Victim’s Role. No Longer Feeling Powerless, Anger, And Violence Now Becomes The New Identity That Will Gain Strength And Momentum With The Growing Numbers Who Join The Anger Movement As Not To Feel Alone And Victimized.


There Are More Than Enough Resources On This Planet That No One Needs To Go Without. Spending More Time On Emotional Well Being, Physical Health, Community, Caring For Themselves, Their Neighbors, And Emotional Intelligence Rather Than Raising Children To Value Wealth While Crushing Anyone In Their Way As They Feed The Corporate And Governmental Machines Driven By Ego And Self-serving Desires.


We Share One Planet; We Are All Connected And Share One Collective Consciousness. The Actions Of One Affect Us All. Like Throwing A Rock In A Still Pond, The Ripple Effect Of One Stone Thrown Touches The Entire Body Of Water. The Type Of Stone You Throw Is Your Choice, Will It Be A Stone Of Love Or Rock Of Hate. Whichever You Choose Affects All Of Us. Choose Wisely.