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EP 0024 – Stigma and Negative Talk

We have a massive amount of stigmas in this world based on wealth, status, and looks. We spend our precious energy, creating a facade, an appearance that looks impeccable to the world, a false self.

A big part of recovery is overcoming stigmas and eliminating our negative dialog, accepting ourselves based on how we feel about ourselves, not on how we perceive the world is seeing us.

We don’t value heart, soul, integrity, truth, and honesty, which makes it is so hard for people to come out of hiding. To show, love, and accept the parts of themselves that they feel are unacceptable due to the stigmas of their family and society systems.

People bury those parts of themselves, deep, and go so far in the other direction so that nobody ever looks at them, nobody can ever see them, and nobody can know that there.

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