EP 0025 – Self Parenting

It is not a child’s responsibility to fill a parent’s needs. When parents bring a child into this world, it is the parents’ responsibility to fill the child up with its basic narcissistic needs. To give the child a foundation of self-love to build upon. The child needs to feel that the parent is there for them and not the other way around.

You should have been giving their blessing to go out in the world and find out who you are, where you belong, and who you were born to be. That’s not the message we received. The message we received was, don’t leave me, you’re responsible for my feelings, my happiness, please keep a shiny, glossy, perfect facade for the world to see so that I don’t feel my shame.

When your basic narcissistic needs weren’t met in infancy, your worth and value would be determined by how you feel others perceive you. Self-parenting yourself how you needed to be parented will tap the source of your self-worth.

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