Breeze of Chance


Time does not heal all wounds. Time puts distance and space between us and the loss, but time does not take it away or heal us. The thoughts and feelings that once crippled us slowly subside into our subconscious. Gaining unknown power over us, making decisions on our behalf as to protect us going forward to never experience that emotional overload again.

Time doesn’t heal it, reliving it emotionally heals it. That doesn’t mean that it will ever go away completely, there will always be a scar. An open would is so much more limiting and controlling than a scar. How much of our ability to love, our future emotional growth and capacity to feel joy is affected by the loss as we move forward in life is determined by how much we can reexperience the emotional pain and the new fears it has introduced into our being. You can’t know joy again until you relive, process, grieve and accept what took away your joy………..



Winds of change tore us apart.
It’s a once in a lifetime part
Our souls danced like we were never apart
Life had meaning, where do I start
Today we begin our journey to never be apart
Perfection of the heart

Standing on fire
Walking on a wire
Working without a net
Free to be
Open, not guarded
Vulnerable yet strong

Speaking in commitment
Our future planned
In unison, two as one
Together until the end

Who could have seen
How can you know
Frozen in time
The path once shared, now walked alone.
Life’s new tone

The difference in reality
The memory of perspective
-or lack thereof
Eternal divide