EP 0027 – Depth Is Difficult

There are so many different layers to this work. As we learn how to peel away layers of defensiveness, layers of protection, layers of hiding, and layers of fear. As we peel away the layers, the closer to the shame we get.

The pain gets stored away inside of us, and we adapt. We don’t learn how to adjust our psyche does it for us, so we never experience that pain again, it just happens. The further we go down, the more difficult it becomes because we’re getting closer to the original pain, closer to the place where it all started the birthplace of the layers and the defensiveness. It was so painful, humiliating, degrading, and shameful that we couldn’t handle the feelings and emotions. Now we slowly have to go back to that place and uncover the unconscious defenses that were put in place to protect us. We are not those helpless children anymore; we don’t need those defenses that keep us from living the life we were born to live.

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