EP 0046 – Shame Based Addict

In this episode, Joe talks about the self-conscious, shame-based feelings that he constantly faces and how he has learned to deal with them without mood altering. This episode delves deep into the protective actions one takes to hide feelings of shame and paralyzing yourself from life’s most simple activities!


Topics in this Episode:

  • Starting with his first drink at 10, followed closely with prescription drugs and eventual heavy drug use later in life, Joe discussed the mind-altering use to mask the feelings of shame and the ultimate exhilarating “freedom” that followed
  • Building the Wall of Hiding from Yourself and Everyone Else
  • Looking into the Mirror and Seeing an Emotional Child, Not an Adult Ready to Live in This World
  • Dealing with “Going Outside Your Comfort Zone”
  • Learning to Adjust to New Surroundings and Protecting Yourself by Withdrawing from Daily Life Activities
  • Self-Sabotage
  • Seeing below the False Self…
  • Cutting Off from Your True Self and Realizing “Shame Rolls Down Hill”
  • Leaving Situations or Family Gatherings where Shaming is Continual
  • Heal the Shame by Coming Out of Hiding
    Shame is Exhausting, Depressing and a Dull Ache You Can’t Pinpoint

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