EP 0059 – Vulnerability In Relationships

In this episode, Joe really opens up…dealing with powerful issues surrounding ones’ authenticity and not pretending to be something you are by creating an image of himself that he needed to “survive”.

Learn how to accept what comes in and out of your life and deal with things that are beyond your control by working on your self- worth and authenticity. Do the work, but don’t be isolated and avoid intimate relationships with others as you work through these issues. Be “seen” in the process as you work through these critical steps of transformation.

In this episode, Joe covers how:

  • You can’t have authenticity without vulnerability
  • Vulnerability is the “Truth”
  • To work through the feelings of shame, self-hate and worthlessness
  • To get rid of your false self and allow others to see you for who you really are (your true being)

There are great rewards in allowing yourself to be vulnerable to others. Being Vulnerable is taking a chance. Learn how to live outside your false self to see who you truly are underneath it all! This episode uncovers critical steps to learning how we all come from different places in our feelings of vulnerability, yet we can all take the same steps to fix our fear of feeling vulnerable! Learn to become real and genuine!

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