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EP 0061 – Worth And Value

What is your worth and value in life?…Many of us ask ourselves this same question often. What happens when someone doesn’t give back the worth and value we feel we deserve? How do we handle those instances and how can we better prepare to not let others’ treatment of us greatly affect our own self-worth and happiness?

In this episode, Joe asks this question and talks about how to avoid the feeling of worthlessness when we don’t get back those signals we feel we need. This episode goes into the importance of setting proper boundaries (expectations from yourself and from all others around you). Learn the questions we need to continually ask ourselves, as well as make critical evaluations throughout our life to keep our outlook and feeling or self-worth in proper perspective.

Topics in this Episode:

  • Be able to stand up for yourself
  • Learn not to just accept what has been continually given to you or what hasn’t, by people in your life if it’s not right for you!
  • Set boundaries with other people..without feeling selfish or ungrateful
  • Maximizing the way(s) you can feel good about yourself! Don’t look for “crumbs of affection” to keep you on the same path in any relationship!

Find out how to take care of yourself without feeling bad, wrong, or guilty. Are you a people pleaser? Learn how to identify your own wants and needs to avoid the triggers that bring you back to a time when you couldn’t care for yourself because of others’ expectations or behaviors imposed upon you. Learn to speak up and stand up for yourself without all the pain it may trigger! Don’t be afraid to remove people from your life that detract from your growth. This episode provides amazing insight and remedies for those of us that have people with narcissistic tendencies that have impacted our life, past and present, and how it affects our perception of our own self-worth and value to ourselves and others!

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