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EP 0062 – Love Without Fear

How do we reach a point of truly being able to love? How do we get past the fears we have built up that wall off the ability to feel safe and be able to share ourselves with people, especially with that “special one” when that time eventually arrives?

In this episode, Joe shares his innermost fears regarding being able to give and receive love freely. The topic of learning to be good on your own before you can be good with others highlights the importance of preparing yourself for when the times come you start to feel vulnerable with all others.

Topics in this Episode:

  • Finding that feeling of love without fear… to feel safe without scanning the room for loss, hurt and betrayal
  • Emotions are Energy…love, fear, anger & joy- learn to release and truly “feel” that energy
  • How to deal with feeling ”unprotected” and “out of balance”
  • The journey inward…pulling back from the world to establish a baseline to learn how to trust yourself (and others) before going back “in”
  • Learning to stop filling everyone else’s needs and learn to fill your own first

The insight in this episode is powerful yet basic. The concept of establishing a firm footing within yourself (and in life) before being able to open up to others leads to feelings of euphoria and freedom that have been walled up for years behind feelings of fear and insecurity. Learning not to fear the things we can’t control will allow you to release the energy crucial to living…and trusting in the process of loving others properly. There is a reservoir of love that is built up inside us that needs to be released. Learn how you can put yourself in that position to pull that lever and let those feelings flow!

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