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EP 0063 – Unstuck Story Follow Up

The Unstuck Story Follow-Up picks up where episode #58 left off… what has happened since the time Joe made the big move to Manhattan and what type of changes did he force himself to make to start the process of becoming more independent and free of fear of trying new things.


The Unstuck story follow-up focuses on the necessary steps and mindset you need to adapt to unshackle yourself from the things that kept you scared and unable to move forward in all aspects of your life. Anxiety, fear, suspicions & mistrust, inadequacies, etc are powerful roadblocks in your path to freeing yourself. This episode talks about what the risk and reward were for Joe as he began to unshackle his thoughts and fears from his actions!


Topics in this Episode:

  •  Struggling like an emotional child
  •  Learn to live on your own…In your own way
  •  Introducing new things in your Life
  •  Negotiations in Your Head
  •  Breaking Fear-Based Living


This episode provides the simple reminder that you need to be there for yourself before you can be there for others! The importance of establishing a baseline and growing from there is covered as well as lots of insight into the benefits Joe has experienced now that he has been able to clear the deck and start fresh.


Don’t procrastinate, and don’t wait for someone to tell you it’s ok to do these things you have stopped yourself from doing…walk through your fear and don’t miss out on the great rewards that will follow!

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