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EP 0071 – Shame And Family Systems

Are you living a lie? Do you know what type of person you want to be in life vs. the person you are expected to be? You might not know what or who you want to be, but you know you are unhappy with the person you have become because of many things, including Shame.

In this episode, Joe goes deep into the topic of shame…and how everyone he counsels lives with it, regardless of nationality, belief system, politics, religion, sexuality, etc.

Joe discusses how shame lives in the darkness, creates isolation, and doesn’t want to be seen. Follow the steps outlined in this episode to uncover your shame, bring it into the light, and eventually eliminate it.


In this Episode:

  • Learn to live a life outside of the role your family has set for you to live the life you want…one free of shame.
  • Stop conforming and show up for yourself, not others.
  • Take care of yourself, set boundaries, and learn to say no.
  • Break yourself from any feelings or thoughts that make you think you need to confer with others before you do anything significant. Learn to become strong enough to make your own choices and free of always feeling like you must ask for permission.
  • Be prepared to lose people in your life once you make these changes and start to live the life you want for yourself. If people are guilting and shaming you into being something that you’re not to please them, they need you more than you need them!
  • Learn to be there for yourself, first and foremost. Remember, nobody will change for you or teach you to love yourself.

Shame has, can, and will manipulate actions. Having the strength to identify how not to allow it to take you down the road you no longer want to travel takes time, inner strength, and… lots of work.

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