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EP 0072 – Relationship Triggers

“Relationship Triggers” delves into how we react to certain situations and conversations in our relationships, based heavily upon our history of reactions and events that have impacted us, going back as far as childhood. Even though these events involved different people, we still have this knee jerk reaction to the new and innocent person we are attempting to form a new relationship with. How do we handle these broken and damaged emotions when trying to build a new relationship with someone who may not understand the trauma we have endured?


In this episode, Joe talks about the importance of navigating through the process of allowing yourself to grow relationships instead of cutting them off at the knees once they start to really get rolling. Being in a romantic relationship feels vastly different from being alone, as you are now connected to somebody else. Your reactions are being closely monitored by someone who may not have the same past/path traveled. Everyone has pain points and things that cause us to react differently to what others may think are trivial, but because of our different pasts, these reactions tend to uncover pain points that aren’t the same for each person. How do we navigate these waters to live the life we want? What should we expect from others to help us heal? This episode helps clear up some of these questions and may change your perspective going forward.


In this Episode:

  • Putting in the time and effort to learn that it can be ok to be vulnerable with the right person
  • Being in touch with your past to learn what your triggers are and where they came from in order to work through them
  • Moving past the walls you have created for yourself through the “filters of the lens of your past.”
  • Not turning into the type of person or parent who messed us up initially.
  • Holes in our soul….hoping another person can heal them for us instead of us healing them ourselves
  • Learning the limitations of others as we interact in an intimate relationship and learning when you need to go if that person can’t give you what you deserve after you have done the work to make yourself whole and ready to be loved properly.

This episode helps you discover what parts of your childhood and your overall life in general have caused you to react negatively, right or wrong. Find out what you lack in your life and what triggers you, and focus on the root source and how you can repair those feelings on your own. Don’t expect relationships with others to solve any of this for you… It’s all on you.

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